Studio Sessions | Mohave Cannabis Co X 2 Chainz Personal DJ- DJ ESudd

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

As the sun set on the city scape of Hollywood, California, Mohave Cannabis Co joined 2 Chainz personal DJ - DJ Esudd and multi platinum producer DA Got That Dope for a recording session at Paramount Studios. As music and marijuana go hand in hand, this crew of passionate recording artists who are musical connoisseurs as well as cannabis connoisseurs were ready to dive in.

As the volume turned up, out came the MCC CannaCase hosting a variety of MCC's product offerings from our Award Winning Flower to our Premium Flower Derived Concentrates. One fact is for sure, anytime we open the CannaCase, the room quickly fills with the scent of premium indoor Mary Jane.

The sight alone is beautiful, from elevated packaging to a floral color-scape of cannabis boasting bright trichomes and nug structure, the experience is the perfect counterpart to any session, weather in a studio, living room or back yard kickback...sure to elevate any occasion.

As each strain was unveiled, scent, look and feel was carefully observed, showing first hand why Mohave Reserve cultivates some of the most sought after premium cannabis on the market.

Anytime we bring our lifes work to a party, we come prepared. Blunt wraps, bong snaps, hand blown glass and dab rigs come with our dialed toolbox allowing our community to experience every detail that goes into the flower and concentrates you love, from seed to shelf.

As the evening progressed, music engulfed the room. Relaxed and inspired, along with a high second to none, the little red light flicked on as the masters of musical craft put their art to canvas. Rhythm, rhyme and melody began to meld with masterful lyrics creating a connectivity of all who shared in the moment.

One undeniable fact, when a group of like minded people and experts in their own craft come together, a dialogue and passion for creation is the playing field we love. Thank you to the extremely talendted crew behind 2 Chainz for welcoming us into their arena and sharing their passion of cannabis and creation with us at Mohave Cannabis Co.

See you next time for Studio Sessions 2.0

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