Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Our second home and proud to call it that, is San Clemente, California. A community built on ocean culture, surf, style and smoke run through this community.

In house photographer TK and brand ambassador Jake Schoonover took an afternoon with board in hand along with some choice buds provided by MCC, for an afternoon adventure of boards, buds, and some fun merchandise. From pre surf to post surf, the afternoon was nothing short of covered.

At Mohave Cannabis Co we promote community, fun and an outdoor mentality of adventure and culture. As a rare occasion, on this specific afternoon the lineup was blown out and rough. Perfect for a quick session both in the water and out. After a few tasty waves amidst a windy day, TK and ? sat down for a session of another kind, a kind session, kind buds that is.

Whether surf or stream, from the Colorado river and our home of Fort Mohave, Arizona to iconic Trestles in San Clemente, our culture spans a wide community, open for all and our product is always ready to elevate your adventure to a higher level.

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